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Center for Public Health – Tetovo  is one of the oldest health institutions in R. of Macedonia and  an extension of the regional hygiene institution established in 1957. It has conducted with success the activities till 1965, when became part of the Medical Center- Tetovo, as Hygiene Epidemiological Agency. With reorganization of the health activity in R. of Macedonia in 1994, the Health care Institute – Tetovo is established again, as complete organizational and independent health organization, which from December 2009 is renamed in accordance with the  Health Care Law no. 67/29 May 2009.

The Center for Public Health fulfills the standards for the following certificates:

Accreditation Certificate- MKC EN ISO/IEC 17025:2006
Attachment of the Accreditation Certificate

Certificate for the management system- EN ISO 9001:2008

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PHI Center for Public Health - Tetovo
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