Course for hygienic minimum

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Course for hygienic minimum

PHI Center for Public Health is authorized institution (Decision no. 02-605/5 from 11/02/2013 issued by AHV of R. of Macedonia) for conveying courses and quizzes, for gaining basic knowledge for food safety, rules for good hygienic practice and protection of the environment in accordance with the Rulebook (Off. Gazette of R. of Macedonia no.5/2013) and the other legal regulations. With that aim teachers are provided with suitable education, experience and knowledge and it is formed Commission for the manner of checking the knowledge and issuing Certificate for acquired basic knowledge of food safety.

Manner of conveying the course

The course is conducted through thematic tuition of 15 school classes from the fields given in the program, as well as practical examples of the suitable field.

Program for acquiring basic knowledge of food safety:

1. Legislative in the field of food safety- 1 lesson

2. Food safety- 1 lesson

3. Diseases which can be transmitted through food-2 lessons

4. Hygiene in the food chain- 3 lessons

5. Personal cleanliness-1 lesson

6. Hygiene of objects, manufacture and trade of food- 3 lessons

7. Control of food safety- 1 lesson

8. Food safety and environment- 1 lesson


People for whom the course is mandatory

The course is mandatory for people employed in food business (manufacture, distribution and food trade.)


Passing the exam

The exam of acquired knowledge is conducted after finishing the course, with written test in duration of 60 minutes.

The Commission consisted of three members takes care regularly and objectively to conduct the test.

The test is passed, if the candidate answers minimum 60 % of the questions.

After finishing the exam the candidate gets Certificate for acquired knowledge of food safety.


The course/tuition takes place in the facilities of the Center for public health Tetovo or in the facilities of the food operator upon their request. 

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