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The nutrition is the most important and most dynamic environmental phenomenon on which depend all the phrases of growth and development of the human and the evolution in biological and cultural sense. The regular nutrition is basic requirement for regular development of the organism, but also prevention from diseases, and if they occur for fast healing and recovery.

With right selection of the food we maintain the health and extent the life.


The activities are enforced through health and educational activity in domain of the quality of nutrition and health.


Educational advices:

- Regular nutrition and security of the animal diet function and health of the man

- Regular nutrition as a healthy way of life

- What means regular nutrition?

- Balance, diversity and equability in nutrition

- Improving the quality of life- physical activity.

- Control of illnesses related to food


Defining the food needs

- Daily recommended energetic input and input of nutrients (micro and macronutrients) for particular population group.

- Anthropometric measurements: height, weight and BMI


Recommendations for prevention:

- increased weight, overweight and underweight

- increased value of cholesterol

- increased value of blood sugar

- increased blood pressure

- cardiovascular diseases


- Diseases of the digestive system

- Anemia

- Diabetes and other deviations of the organism health


The health educational activity is conducted in the facilities of the PHI Center for Public Health Tetovo or through group lectures in the schools.




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