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The service of the Center for public health includes activities determined by Health Care Law of R. of Macedonia. The national yearly program for public health of R. of Macedonia for preventive health care and other legal provisions with aim to take measures and activities for promotion of the population health, research and detecting the presence of infectious and other diseases, as well as health-environmental factors of the environment.

Organization activity of CPH is established as:

Hygiene – sanitary service

Epidemiology with DDD service

Laboratory service

Social Medical Service

Administration Office of Legal and Economic issues

For complete realization of the aims and tasks of the mentioned services, the work in CPH- Tetovo is divided on the following departments:

  1. Department for Sanitary Hygiene with Environmental Health
  2. Department of Epidemiology with DDD
  3. Department of Social Medicine
  4. Lab Department with parasitology
  5. Administration Office of Legal and Economic issues

In the framework of CPH- Tetovo works local unit Gostivar with the same departments.

This organization establishment of the Center is in accordance with the statute, rulebook, working tasks and other tasks of CPH- Tetovo. The activities of the Center are developing with adequate calendar, area and equipment. The CPH departments are placed in purpose build object and require the sanitary-hygiene norms. Tests of the food and water are made according to the unique rules of the organization, procedures and testing methods, which are in accordance with the validity methods, Macedonian and international standards, legal and by-law regulations, demands of the ISO/IEC 17025, ISO 9001: 2008 and needs of the beneficiaries.

CPH Tetovo with its program plans shall give priority to the constant vocational edification of the employees and updating of the working equipment.






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