Microbiology with parasitology

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Microbiology with parasitology as medical field studies the etymology of infections, turns the antibacterial therapy and studies the methodology and its specific diagnosis.

The department for Microbiology with parasitology Tetovo and Microbiology section in Gostivar, function in the framework of PHI Center for Public Health Tetovo. They execute public health and specialist microbiological service for the regional population in Tetovo and Gostivar. Microbiological service in the framework of its operating makes the following tasks:

  • Placement etiological diagnosis on the infectious diseases
  • Microbiological and parasitological analyses for the retrospective epidemiological analysis
  • Control on the taken measures (sterilization, antibiogram, immunization, effects from the treatment.
  • Microbiological control on people who are coming from countries where there is malaria, cholera or other diseases, which examinations are compulsory by law.
  • Microbiological examination of the drinking water, surface water, food, things of common use and working conditions for manufacturing and food trade.  





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