Preventive Measures for Protection of Food Borne Diseases

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  • Do not eat raw, thermal treated food of animal origin (meat and meat products, milk and dairy products, eggs)
  • Fresh food products should be hold in refrigerator to prevent bacteria reproduction and extraction of toxins
  • Avoid preparation and eating food of fresh, thermal untreated animal products (creams, ice-creams, cream-cheese and etc).
  • Thermal treatment of food should be long enough and on high temperature to destroy the bacteria and their toxins and inside the food (thick meat pieces).
  • Food should be use immediately after preparation. Unless you use it immediately, keep on temperature to 4 C (in refrigerator) or above 70 °C till the use.
  • Manufacturing the thermal untreated and treated food to be made on different working surfaces, with different kits and different dishes.
  • Thoroughly cleaning and washing the dishes, kitchen kit, working surfaces and hands, before and after handling with raw or thermal treated food.
  • The raw vegetable, fruits and salads should be cleaned thoroughly under water-before eating, chopping or cooking, and even when are peeled.
  • Avoid food from street stands, fast food, as well as other food and water from insecure fountains.
  • Wash the hands thoroughly before and after eating.
  • Safe storage of food and its protection from insects and rodents.
  • The people who take part of the "risky categories", because the disease can be manifested in heavier from, with complications and bad outcome (persons with chronicle diseases and lower immunity, older people above 65 years, little children and pregnant women) should pay attention especially of the previously recommended measures, especially to avoid consumption of  soft cheese, non pasteurized milk and dairy products,  paste and salads, to avoid food from kitchen stalls, fast food, to avoid consuming of preheat, previously cold food, also avoiding contact with pregnant or new born animals.


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