Microbiological examinations

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Microbiological parameters examined in the drinking water (water from the aqueduct, bottled water, sparkling water), The Lab is accredited in accordance with ISO 17025

1. Coliform bacteria*

2. Coliform bacteria from fecal origin*

3. Total number aerobic mesophile bacteria*

4. Streptococci from fecal origin*

5. Sulfic reducing clostridia

6. Proteus species

7. Pseudomonas aeruginosa*

Microbiological parameter for examining in animal product

1. Analyzing Salmonella*

2. Analyzing Staphylococcus Aureus

3. Sulfic reducing clostridia

4. Proteus species

5. Escherichia Coli

6. Total number of aerobic mesophile bacteria

7. Yeast and Fungus

8. Lipolitical  Bacteria


The methods are accredited in accordance with ISO 17025 


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