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Sanitary reviews in accordance with the legal regulation (Law on protection of the population from inflectional diseases Off. Gazette of R. of Macedonia no. 66/2004, 139/2008;99/2009 and Rulebook for the manner of content of the reviews and terms of making satisfying sanitary hygiene previews of the employees Off. Gazette of   R. of Macedonia no.152/2007)

· People employed in : manufacture and food trade and supplying drinking water

· Reviews of the employed in the institutions for primary, secondary and other type of education.

· People employed in institutions for education, caring and recreation of children

· Health workers

· Workers in manufacture and trade of drugs

· Hairdressers, cosmeticians, masseur, pedicures, depilation services, tattoo and piercing and other type of hygienic services and recreation.

Sanitary reviews are made as: previous reviews, periodical reviews and extraordinary health-hygienic reviews, in accordance with the legal regulative, in the department for hygiene and health ecology, but for bigger working institutions with mutual agreement they take place in the same working organization. This reviews demand employment and work of the professionals in the field of hygiene and in the field of microbiology with parasitology in which there is a reception and cultivation of the biological material for control of germ carriers.

Sanitary reviews can be made every day from 8 a. m to 16 p.m. Receiving of the material in the microbiological laboratory from 8 a. m to 13 p. m

Contact number:

044 33 12 33 and 333 754 - Tetovo. Manager of the Sanitary Department with health ecology doc. Rasko Davidovski, specialist for hygiene and health ecology


042 213 181- Gostivar, Manager of of the Sanitary Department with health ecology Primarius. Doc, Ivanka Naumchevska, specialist for hygiene and health ecology 





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