Activities of the Department of Epidemiology with DDD in PHI Tetovo is repressing and inhibit ting infectious and non infectious disease. That is made by everyday collection of the applications of infectious diseases from the primary and secondary health care,examination and confirmation of the reserves and ways of transmission. Epidemiological control is made on the people who are in touch with the diseased from infectious disease. Also epidemiological control is also made on the people who travel or arrive from the epidemiological or endemic area. It is made epidemiological scouting, vaccination according to the epidemiological indications and also chemioprophylaxes.

The department with DDD that is a part of PHI Tetovo and also the local unit in Gostivar.


The activities are conducted through:

Following of the infectious diseases through individual system of infectious diseases and through syndrome system for registering alert.

Field insights for appearance of increased number of infectious diseases and lab diagnostics through epidemiological indications.

Epidemiological indications and lab diagnostics in case of appearance of virus hepatitis also differential diagnose of the virus type.

Activities for maintaining the results accomplished with AFP also activities with appearance of AFP.

Repressing the entry of tropical and isolated diseases and malaria.

Field insights in case of rare diseases, unknown and unregistered in Republic of Macedonia.

Control of the mandatory immunization.

Following of the natural hotbeds of the infections and zoo noses.

Conducting vaccination according to epidemiological indications for : Influenza, Hepatitis B, Typhus and Meningitis on people who travel in Saudic Arabia.

Control of IHI

Voluntary, privately counseling and testing of HIV/AIDS

Conducting the program for repression and inhibition of the population brucellosis.

Conducting DDD with epidemiological and prophylactic indications.

Health educational activity from the epidemiology field, related to repression and inhibition of the infectious diseases.