Making Agreement for Business Collaboration

In interest of our clients-beneficiaries of our services and for better realization of the payment of the services, PHI Center for public health-Tetovo gives opportunity for making contracts for business collaboration.

With the agreement is determined the subject of the agreement (analyses and services available) their content,manner and deadline for realization of the agreement as well as the manner of payment. For everyone who made agreement with the PHI Center for public health-Tetovo, depending on the type of the manner and content of the collaboration, which influence the agreed sum, PHI Center for public health-Tetovo gives agreed discount, which are from 10% to 30% from the regular prices.


Because of that if you are existent beneficiary of our services such as:

Sanitary reviews

Microbiological tests

Analysis of the quality and detection the existence of oars in the food, some pesticides and mycotoxines

Chemical analyses of the object for common use

Smears of working surfaces, equipment and settings

Control of the autoclave

DDD services and etc

And the same are with bigger content or you often use our services, we recommend making agreements for business collaboration with our institution with determined discount.


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