Professional team consisted of doctor specialist of hygiene ecology and sanitary technician, with convenient equipment are taking samples and the same in convenient conditions safely transport to the laboratories for further tests.


During the procedure is taking:

Drinking water

Surface and ground water (except sewage)

Water from swimming pools

Mineral waters


Object for common use

Smears for cleanness of area,kits, equipment and people


All the employees and professionally skilled for the mentioned services related to taking samples and posses suitable equipment in accordance with the valid regulation and international standards.

Taking samples for examination are used for the needs of Food and Veterinary Agency and the State Sanitary and Health Inspectorate and various  beneficiaries (public communal water supplying company, industrial manufactures, food trade, kindergarten, school, faculties, dormitories, health institutions and other legal subject as well as individuals who have need for the same). All the beneficiaries except the Ministry of Health need to submit demand for starting the procedure for taking successive test with internal application 4.4.01 v/4 Application for test in office 1 (second floor on the left) and to make agreement with PHI Tetovo where will be specified the frequency of the samples and test type.