The Unit for Social Medicine, at Tetovo, has basic tasks and activities for the development of the Program for Preventative Health Care in the Republic of Macedonia. It monitors, processes, analyzes and monitors the demographic, vital statistical and health indicators and results of the development of the structure, natural movement, health condition, primary and secondary health protection of the population, as well as the organization of health protection in the municipality of Tetovo.

It carries out health-statistical data and diagrams, provided by the Law on Health Protection of the Population of the Republic of Macedonia, in which the authorization was approved by the health service in the primary, specialist-consultative and secondary healthcare protection. The same dormition is provided by public and private health organizations.

Statistical indicators for primary and secondary health care are continuously collected and analyzed, and the healthcare system and the network of healthcare organizations, visits, examinations, registration of mortality and mortality are more frequent and more frequent in case of illnesses (malignancies, cardiovascular, sugar disease, illness dependence, etc.).

The data refer to the health condition and health protection of the population in the municipalities of the Tetovo. They compile and process interconnected software and prepare quarterly, six-month and annual reports, analyzes, programs and plans provided for the working tasks of the social healthcare in accordance with the Program for preventive protection in the Republic of Macedonia.

Abundant data and additional health-research activities are aimed at identifying and studying the health of certain categories of population, as well as the effectiveness and quality of health protection. Attention is drawn to the lack of evidence and the method of medical examination of the appropriate healthcare organizations.