List of physic chemical parameters which are tested in the drinkable water (water from aqueduct, bottled water and sparkling water) – Laboratory accredited in accordance with ISO 17025


2.Color, Spectophotometric

3.Smell, Organoleptic

4.Turbidity, Photometric

5.pH, Electrochemical


7.Expenditure of permanganate-Volumetric

8.Residue after evaporation-Gravimetric

9.Nitrite Spectophotometric

10.Nitrate Spectophotometric

11.Ammoniac Spectophotometric

12.Total iron Spectophotometric

13.Manganese Spectophotometric

14.Chlorides Spectophotometric

15.Sulfates Spectophotometric

16.Potassium Spectophotometric

17.Sodium Elechtrochemical

18.Chromium total Spectophotometric

19.Chromium VI Spectophotometric

20.Total Chromium

21.Free Chromium

22.Carbon dioxide Volumetric

23.Total solidity Volumetric

24.Calcium Volumetric

25. Manganese Volumetric

26.Alkalinity Volumetric



The method are accredited in accordance with ISO 17025

Parameters additionally tested on surface water

1.Diluted oxygen, Volumetric

2.Oxygen expenditure after 5 days, Volumetric

3.Suspended particles